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Ten names for the Toronto Super City

by George Torok

This article was first published in the Toronto Star.


With the amalgamation of municipalities and the formation of the Toronto super-city here are my top ten suggested names.

10. Metropolis - We can call it Metro for short. Superman fans will recognize this as the city where Superman lives (as Clark Kent). Metropolis is not yet on any map - just think of the tourism and endorsement possibilities as 'The hometown of Superman.'

9. Newer York - York was the original name for Toronto. It would be gauche to visit New York when you can go to Newer York. (Like new improved.) Added bonus - we could buy used police vehicles from New York and keep the NYPD logo.

8. Hollywood - How many times have you heard it referred to as Hollywood of the North? Go ahead. Make my day.

7. The Good - It's been called Toronto the Good - why not? Then pick who are The Bad and the Ugly this month.

6. Global Village - Every international company would need an office in the Global Village. What a boost for real estate.

5. Universe City - The next alien invasion would naturally be here. What respectable galactic conqueror would trash Washington when Universe City is the real plum? Maybe even Godzilla would pay us a visit.

4. Big Smoke - With everyone smoking outside the front doors of buildings.

3. Pond - One, because of Lake Ontario and two, because Vaughn could advertise itself as being 'On (Anne) Golden pond'.

2. Otnorot - This is Toronto spelled backwards. Then we could justify doing things backwards.

1. (This space for rent) - We are selling names to subways stations, libraries and universities. Think of all the money we could get for renting out the name of the city.
For example; Wal-Mart city, Canadian Tire town, MacDonalds municipality.


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