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Toronto Speaker Video

Enjoy these videos of Toronto convention speaker, George Torok. Get a flavour for his style and business insights. It's not rocket science. It's just good business. George Torok delivers the message in an engaging and provocative way. Conference attendees and convention delegates often comment on the practical tips, perspective-shifting insights and memorable humour of George Torok.

George Torok is a powerful speaker for your convention or conference in Toronto.

Enjoy these videos of George Torok. Notice the  style, engagement and provocativeness.


Motivational Business Speaker

Enjoy this video of convention speaker, George Torok on the streets of downtown Toronto.


 Hungry for Business

Your competition is hungry. Are you hungry enough to grab more business? Enjoy this video of Toronto convention speaker, George Torok on the streets of downtown Toronto. 



Toronto Speaker Video

George Torok - your Toronto convention speaker - on the streets of Toronto.


Forget Branding - Build Relationships

In Toronto, George Torok, the speaker who ventures into the streets offers you street smart marketing tips.


Build Stronger Business Relationships

Toronto convention speaker, George Torok offers business smarts from the streets of Toronto.


Toronto business speaker offers insights from the streets of Toronto. Invite George Torok to speak at your Toronto convention or conference.


Convention Speaker

Keynote speaker, bestselling author, radio show host. The ideal speaker for your association convention or corporate conference in Toronto.


CPSA presents over 150 events across the county in a year and you are the most professional speaker I've ever had the pleasure of working with.
Anne Babej
Director, Professional Development
CPSA Sales Institute







Keynote Speaker 

For conventions and conferences in Toronto, George Torok is the professional speaker for you. He delivers engaging, entertaining and motivational keynote speeches. 

Toronto conference and convention keynote speaker 

Keynote Speaker, George Torok 


Workshop Speaker

Arrange a workshop to complement your convention keynote. George Torok can deliver a motivational  keynote speech and follow up with a content rich workshop for your Toronto convention or conference.

Toronto Convention speaker, George Torok 

Workshop Speaker, George Torok 


Thank you for sharing your knowledge with our members with your dynamic presentation about the Creative Thinking Process. It certainly had everyone thinking about that little … aha!

Brian Ardron
2nd Vice President
Toronto Club of Printing House Craftsmen, Inc.


Motivational Speaker

This photo was taken in Banff, not Toronto. George Torok speaks across Canada and North America. He is based near Toronto and enjoys speaking for Toronto conventions and conferences.

Canadian Motivational Speaker


"He's hot. He's Electric. He's Dynamic. He's George!"
Kathleen D'Amico
McMaster Alumni Association


Business Speaker

Business speaker, business writer and business expert. George Torok has writen and published over 300 articles and over 400 blog posts. He is often interviewed and quoted in the media as a business expert on marketing and communication skills.

Toronto business speaker












Business Speaker, George Torok


Your interactive, thought-provoking delivery hit just the right notes with the audience of small business owners-managers who, in wearing several responsibility hats, can overlook essential requirements for systematic, programmatic marketing. Your message was refreshing - an awakening call which will undoubtedly will resonate with them in their quest for continuing business success.
Paul F. DeCarlo
Pandeco Management Inc


Association Speaker

Motivational keynote speaker for association conventions and conferences in Toronto. George Torok


The feeling of confidence and knowledge gained by our members as they left the seminar was evident. Your presentation was rated from good to excellent in all categories. Any firm wishing to improve presentations made by their employees would certainly gain from your knowledge and skills
Ruth Burkholder
President and CEO
Markham Board of Trade



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